We are advertising these lovely rabbits on behalf of the National RSPCA because they are inundated with rabbits and only have limited spaces at branches. Lots of rabbits are needing homes because people have bought a couple and have been told they are either two females or two males and before you know it - they have had litter after litter! If you have brought any rabbits recently please keep them separate and get them sexed ASAP immediately at a vets to prevent this (unless they were from a reputable rescue. The adoption fee is £50 per rabbit and they are neutered, vaccinated and chipped.  Please be aware that rabbits are not the ‘easy & cuddly pet’ that many people think they are. But if you spend time with them they really are a lovely, delightful addition to a home. They will need a large run and space to run about/stand up in. Ideally they are better to be rehomed with another rabbit as a companion (again bonding a pair is not as easy as just putting them together but advice is available via the RSPCA website) Some people do get one as a house rabbit and can spend lots of time interacting with them. If you haven’t had a rabbit before, please look into their needs carefully prior to applying. We are happy to have an in depth chat with you about them.



Sophie is an adult female, aged approximately 2 years old. She is dark grey and a friendly rabbit that will come over to see you for food. Like most adult rabbits, she doesn’t enjoy being picked up but will let you pick her up when needed and she is calm once she’s in your arms. 



Mop is a male, 1 year old chocolate lion head cross. He is a friendly and inquisitive boy who comes to you for food. He will tolerate being picked up but like most adult rabbits he prefers it if you interact with him at floor level. Once you do pick him up, he is calm for grooming and health checks. He will also need regular grooming.