Following the UK Governments announcement, we have had to make changes to our branch adoption process. For cats: please email us with your details: address, phone number, if you have children & other pets etc. Please also let us know of any busy roads nearby that might be of concern for when the cat goes outdoors. We can explain the rest of our temporary policy when we contact you. For Dogs: If you are emailing to enquire about Maisy (the cross breed we have advertised on our website) please be aware that we have boarded her at a nearby RSPCA animal centre. The staff are dealing with enquiries on our behalf and you will need to contact them directly and fill out a registration form. Viewings are not possible at the moment and will need to be arranged at a later date. The contact details for the centre are: Tel: 01254231118 or Email: Please note that this policy is for Maisy only, we will reply to you directly regarding any other branch cats or dogs.

For animal welfare or cruelty concerns please call our national contact centre for advice: 0300 1234 999. If you have a badly injured stray or wild animal, please call your local vet for advice. Please do not attend a vet practice without calling them first. You can find further advice on how to care for your pets while you are self-isolating here.

It’s an incredibly busy and difficult time for us but we are checking and responding to our emails ASAP, we apologise if our reply takes slightly longer than normal and we really appreciate your understanding and support. Our branch phone line will be closed until further notice.

Thank you and stay safe.