Local RSPCA branches specialise in rehabilitating and rehoming animals but we cannot deal with any welfare concerns, these reports need to be directed to the national RSPCA. Before making your call, please look at the ‘reporting cruelty’ page on the RSPCA website here, you can find lots of information on the site and your question may have been answered which could save you making a call. If you cannot find an answer on the website, please use the following numbers to speak to the team:


FOR SMALL SICK AND INJURED WILDLIFE, please call: 03001238967. Please note that the quickest way for any small wildlife to receive treatment is for you to take the animal to any vet practice yourself - if it’s safe to do so. Vets will provide emergency treatment for wild animals at no cost but please ring the vet to let them know before you visit.


FOR ALL OTHER WELFARE CONCERNS, (including large wildlife), please call: 03001234999. The line is open from 8am-7.30pm but please bear in mind that the service can get very busy during peak times.


ONLINE ADVICE REGARDING CRUELTY & SICK OR INJURED REPORTS, please visit the national RSPCA cruelty pages here.


Information updated April 2023